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As life long residents of the area, we recognize and appreciate all that our Central New York community has to offer.  With these deep roots and an appreciation for the power of food to bring people together, The Ridge was created at the same time as our non-profit neighbor, Clear Path for Veterans and has since taken on a mission of its own; to provide our community with a family dinner table.   We all - owners and staff - have a genuine love for this place and one another and we hope you feel that as soon as you walk through our doors!


An off-the-beaten-path, best kept local secret, The Ridge offers a unique experience for our guests - whether your passion is food, drink or just being outdoors.  Our tucked away, secluded location can be challenging to find but once you're here, you'll feel like you're walking into your own livingroom - and are just part of the family.  The "driveway" is actually a 1/3 mile long gravel road that winds through the woods and borders our "retired" golf course and is beautiful in all seasons.  In the winter months, a warm fire welcomes you as a reward for finding us, and in the summer, we offer some of the best outdoor dining in the area.   Our menu - like the landscape - changes seasonally, so its worth checking us out at all times of the year.  


Being relatively new to the business, we are always looking for opportunities to improve The Ridge experience - through better service, quality food and drink, and creative touches in all aspects of what we do.  Thank you so much for visiting!

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