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Help to make things happen at
The Ridge!

At the heart of anything great, there has to be a heart and to know that you all have “felt the love” means we’re doing something right.  That love got us through a lot – and the love of this place and all of you pulled us out of the pandemic with a new, reimagined Ridge.  In a business where it’s nearly impossible to have any balance in life, we know that we need help to keep some balance in ours. We also know that our passion for bringing people together – whether it be with great music, food & drink, or a celebration – is something that you value too.  It’s what we are all about.


So, simply put, our goal is to make The Ridge a “sustainable resource” with a life of its own, supported and sustained by not only by those who created it but by everyone who enjoys what it has to offer.  There are lots of reasons to love this place – we know it better than anyone – and there are still more to create – together.  We’re hoping you can celebrate what you love about The Ridge by putting your support where your heart leads.


Whether you’re a small business owner looking for exposure to a great group of humans, or just love what The Ridge stands for, here are some opportunities for “showing the love” this summer.

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