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Here at The Ridgewe consider ourselves a family, and we strive to make you feel a part of that.

We are a live music and event venue that specializes in creating a warm, welcoming, and inclusive environment for all.

Patio Bar and Seating - The Ridge Events Venue
Zen Lounge - The Ridge Events Venue

The Ridge is your place too - have your next private event right here.


We're excited to share our new sustainable and balanced approach to what we do best - bringing people together.  We're always working hard  making exciting changes - to our space and what we do - while still preserving the good energy and vibe

you can always count on.

Upcoming Events

The Ridge operates on an event-only format so we are open only when hosting one of our own or private events.


To get a better idea of what our events are like, head over to the Our Events page.

Interested in hosting your upcoming wedding or party at The Ridge? Check out what we can do for you

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