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Where have we been?

Like so many of you, we've spent the last two years in "hunker down" mode -navigating a new reality, missing each other and being honest with ourselves about what we want to do every day. While we've missed the in-person contact that is such an important part of what we do, we've been busy reinventing, reimagining and improving our indoor and outdoor spaces. We're looking forward to a sustainable and balanced approach to sharing our space and time. Thanks for being so patient - we've missed you!!

What's New?

What's Next?

unique wedding venue!

Decks and patios overlooking 100+ acres of natural landscape - beautiful stone amphitheater

Friday, Dec 2 - 5pm-?

The holidays have us feeling all nostalgic and missing the “old Ridge days” - the Tavern filled with happy people, the fire going, great live music and the smell of bacon in the air…We thought it would be fun to “flashback” to some of those iconic winter nights at our place over the years, so we’re inviting some old friends, lining up some music and cooking up some old favorites.  Stop by for a drink or stay the whole night with us and celebrate what you love most about The Ridge – the faces, the fire, the food, or the feel!


We’ll be open at 5pm, music will start around 7pm, food will be available until 9pm.  Great drinks all night of course!  Come!

We've been working hard at making some exciting changes - 

to our space & to what we do -

at the same time maintaining the good energy and vibe

you can count on!

Come to one of our events

and see for yourself!

  • Beautiful new patio bar

  • New shed bar on lawn

  • Tent covered lawn area

  • New indoor lounge area

  • Awning covered deck area

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