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Where have we been?

Like so many of you, we've spent the last two years in "hunker down" mode -navigating a new reality, missing each other and being honest with ourselves about what we want to do every day. While we've missed the in-person contact that is such an important part of what we do, we've been busy reinventing, reimagining and improving our indoor and outdoor spaces. We're looking forward to a sustainable and balanced approach to sharing our space and time. Thanks for being so patient - we've missed you!!

What's New?

What's Next?

unique wedding venue!

Decks and patios overlooking 100+ acres of natural landscape - beautiful stone amphitheater

We've been working hard at making some exciting changes - 

to our space & to what we do -

at the same time maintaining the good energy and vibe

you can count on!

Come to one of our events

and see for yourself!

  • Beautiful new patio bar

  • New shed bar on lawn

  • Tent covered lawn area

  • New indoor lounge area

  • Awning covered deck area

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