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at The Ridge

It's good to be different and at The Ridge, we pride ourselves in our unique approach to everything we do.  Every event we host will feel like you're coming over to our house - whether its thoughtfully prepared food, great music, creative cocktails, or just the vibe!

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Event Descriptions

New to The Ridge family?
Here's what you can expect when you come over to our place.

Flashback Fridays - The Ridge

Flashback Fridays


Remembering some great Friday nights at our place!

Once in a while, we flashback to the "old Ridge days" when we had live music regularly in the Tavern.  Every time we do it now, you can count on the place being filled with happy people (including us!) delicious made-with-love food, great drink specials and killer music from some of the areas best talent.  As these are mostly fall and winter events,  there is always a warm fire, and the unmistakeable good juju that makes our place so special.




Celebrate the Icons

These uniquely collaborative events celebrate the work of some of music's legends and the deep bench of talent in the local CNY community. Nowhere else in the area do 30+ musicians come together to make the magical musical moments that The Ridge is known for. We always offer food during our Tributes (whether our own or from our food truck friends) and drinks can be found at one of our two outdoor bars. 

Summer Festivals - The Ridge

Summer Festivals

Stellar Summer Music Events

You won't want to miss the festivals we are known and loved for. We are always reimagining new things to celebrate in our beautiful stone amphitheater. At our festivals, you can count on stellar music performances by local and regional acts, creative drinks, and delicious food (made in house or by our food truck friends).

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